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ceebee asked 13 years ago

The books all tell us that we should cut down the canes of autumn fruiting raspberries (mine are “Autumn Bliss”) well into the winter and I’m wondering if it necessary to leave it so late? Do the plants need that lateness (like daffodils do in order to store food in the bulbs) or is it OK to cut the canes down once fruiting is finished?I would like to cut my canes now (October) but am reluctant to do so without knowing why the common practice seems to be to leave them for another 2-3 months.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
There is logic in leaving the shoots until early spring as the exisitng stems hold sugars to carry the plant over and also there is a good likelihood that the green skin under the bark continues to photosynthesize at a low level, which also helps the plant to over-winter well.

Plants that overwinter in good condition shoul dbe more vigorous and should crop better.

Why not prune half the plants now and half in early March and see which half crops best and you will know which is the best practice.