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Michael Mulleady asked 12 years ago
I sowed a 1.5 acre lawn at the begining of June. I fertillized it with 10-10-20 in August, which resulted in a good consistent green lawn. However, now there are large patches of yellowish/light green areas. Should I fertilize it again now, or wait until March/April? If now, what is the best fertilizer to use -10-10-20?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
On an area this size, you can use agricultural fertilizers, of which 10-10-20 is one but not the most suitable.

Use high nitrogen kinds, about 25%N such as Cut Sward, but remember that these are agricultural fertilizers designed for fast growth and if overused give a lot of excess mowing.

There are slow release fertilizers, as used on golf fairways, somewhat more expensive, but these avoid surges of growth.