Bamboo Query

RiasedBed asked 10 years ago

I have bamboo planted at the end of my garden border, which I planted 2 years ago when my knowledge of gardening was zero, although it looks great, I am hearing lots of horror stories about running bamboo destroying gardens. It is around 2 metres tall at this time and it’s spread is quite compact. I don’t want to remove it but would like to know how to manage it if possible. There are flowers planted right next to it, they seem to be thriving so maybe all is fine but thinking of the future! How can I tell if it is clumping or running bamboo?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Some bamboos are inclined to run and others are not. Most of the kinds sold are not serious runners but they all spread outwards.

You can chop off unwanted shoots when they first emerge to keep the plant tight.

The running is exagerrated.