Bay leaf trees infested with little insects

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Jean Collins asked 11 years ago

My two bay leaf trees are infested with little insects buried in the underside of the leaves, the leaves are turning black, they are very small, I did’t notice them for a long time. They can be scraped away but there are so many now they are killing my trees. I have talked to a number of my neighbours who are having similar issues, I have tried, removing them by srapping, wiping clean with water and cloth, replanting in fresh soil, feeding them, plant feed, nothing is working, I’m afraid to use pestisides without expert advise as I don’t want to damage the trees anymore than they are. I’m now afraid they will both die. Is there a specific safe product that I can use to kill them and bring my plants back to life.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
This is scale insect which sucks the sap and causes a sticky surface with black fungal growth.

You can use a short term insecticide based on pyrethrins, such as BugClear Gun for Fruit and Veg,, Growing Success Advanced Bug Killer or Py Spray Garden Insect Killer and wait the recommended time at least.