beech hedge

susan white asked 10 years ago

I have beech hedge which i planted last year. the weeds are now beginning to grow. my dilemma is thast i want to spray emerging weeds with Round up, put a pre-emergent spray on it to keep all the other weeds down, and also feed it. except that i don’t know what order to do things in and which feed should i use?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
You cannot use Roundup if it will get onto the stems or leaves of beech as it can kill young plants.

The safest bet is to hoe and handweed around the plants. Weed control around a hedge in a one-metre strip doubles the growth rate of beech.

Do not apply fertiliser if the weeds are still there. Any general fertiliser can be used.

There is no pre-emergent weedkiller available to home gardeners. You might be able to get a farm store to order Ronstar, which comes in litre bottles.