Begonia Bonfire

LOUISE FLEMING asked 13 years ago

Hi Gerry, I had a beautiful display from Begonia Bonfire this summer and wondered what is the best way to save it for next year? do i cut it back? lift it? it is in a pot. Thanks

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Information from Pat Fitzgerald who developed this plant:

‘The best way to save the ‘Bonfire’ tuber for next year is to allow top growth of ‘Bonfire’ to naturally die back down almost fully then remove remaining stems, dry out the tuber slightly for a few days in a dry cool position.  Then store the tuber in good quality fresh sphagnum peat moss and keep in a cool but frost free garage or store room until Feb/March.  Make sure to inspect the tuber a few times per month in case over storage rots setting in but if the tuber is carefully handled when putting to storage and stems allowed to die back naturally until they come away easily there should be no damage for decay to set in.  However inspection will alert to any unforeseen problems and action can be taken should any decay occur. In Feb/March the tuber can be re-potted in protection of a greenhouse, conservatory or bright porch to give an early start.’