Betula jacquemontii

Alan Stenson asked 11 years ago

about 3 months ago i started peeling the dirty bark off the whitebarked birch. i peeled too deeply and was left with what is now a cracked brown stem.i’ve often peeled the bark before but never so deeply and to this day i dont know why i din’t stop when i saw i was going too deep. fingers crossed it will revert to a nice white stem and no damage will be donebut can i do anything about it to help it become white again? or will it ever become white again

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
The protective surface of the bark was removed, causing the brk to desiccate. 

It will recover and produce the white surface layer but there may be vertical cracks in the bark, which often happens with birch as it ages in any case, especially on the lower part of the trunk.