Betula utilis “Jacquemontii”

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Elizabeth Ryan asked 11 years ago

Have 1/2 acre front garden. Purchased barerooted birch to plant inside an existing beech hedge at the front of garden. The hedge is approximately 2 metres from the road verge. The intention is to create an area to plant woodland bulbs and maybe a walk through environment. Can you please suggest spacing and would you recommend planting in groups or in zig zag fashion?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Plant birch sapl;ings directly into the dead sod of a lawn area, having killed the grass with Roundup. Space trees an average of two metres apart, but compleltely randomised not in lines, even zigzag ones. Give at least two metres from the hedge and mark out a future plant with spray paint and plant around it. Keep down weeds for five years and growth will be doubled.