Black spot on leaves of Photinia Red Robin

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Joan Lewis asked 8 years ago

My son in law has a Red Robin tree in the garden of his recently bought house in Swords, so we can’t tell how old it is. It is about 8 ft tall. He asked me about it today as it has black spot on the green leaves and the new red leaves are shrivelled and crispy, but not falling off. The spots are black and not red which makes me think it is not the disease that this tree can get. Could it be from the recent cold winds or frost? Would appreciate your advise.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Photinia ‘Red Robin’ can suffer foliage damage in an exposed spot on both young and older leaves. Also there has been some damage done in recent years by leaf spot disease, about which not much can be done.

Give it a feed of tree and shrub fertiliser and see if it comes on. If not, it might need to be removed as it is not happy in the location.