Blueberry planting

INGRIDA ADOMAVICE asked 14 years ago

I bought Bluberry..and later i read that for this plant need acid my area is more lime soil I think ..Will be good to buy bigger pot and plant in acid soil?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Yes, you are quite right, the soil in Westmeath is limy and blueberry needs acidic soil. Use a large pot, starting with 15 litre and potting up to 30 litre or more. Use lime-free ericaceous compost and acidic soil, if available, and make sure to keep the plants watered in summer.

Feed once every three weeks from April to September with a lime-free ericaceous plant food, such as for rhododendrons.

As an alternative, on limy soil, you could make a raised bed, with or without supporting sides, about 20cm high with ericaceous compost and/or acidic soil or leaf mould, about one metre with bushes one metre apart.