Boskoop Glory grapevine

Ciaran Meagher asked 15 years ago

Hi Gerry, My wife just gave me a Vitis Boskoop Glory grapevine, that she bought in Avoca. I have recently built a greenhouse, that has a very sunny aspect – someone suggested to grow the grapevine outdoors, but to possibly trail the vine into the greenhouse for a higher yield of grapes. Have you any suggestions on the best place to plant this type of grapevine, and is the greenhouse idea worth doing?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
The vine variety ‘Boskoop Glory’ can be grown outdoors in a warm, sheltered place, and if conditions are warm and sunny will give a good return. Grapes are generally grown indoors in this country as the summers are too cool and wet.

A vine can be planted inside or outside a greenhouse … matters little as the roots will soon pass under the greenhouse shallow foundations and root out into the open soil anyway.