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Mary Condon asked 12 years ago

I have recently used b&q organic living tomato feed on my tomatoes and also on strawberries. my tomatoes died and Im not sure if its because of the feed as I know it has been withdrawn from the market. Is it safe to eat the strawberries?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
This product was taken off sale due to contamination with a weedkiller called clopyralid, which is not available to home gardeners but is used for thistle control on grazing land. It is known for its persistent residues and tomatoes are known to be extremely susceptible to damage from very tiny amounts of certain weedkillers, including this one.

The amounts of residue in your strawberries are likely to be very tiny and this active ingredient is not regarded as particularly toxic in dilute amounts, but like any chemical, there is always some slight risk.

If you want to be absolutely sure, just write off those plants, or otherwise, check it out on the Web and assess the situation yourself.