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Niamh Cummins asked 10 years ago

Over the past week i have noticed all my apple trees ,cox and bramley, along with pear trees and its beginning with the plum trees, have got brown leaves. At first i thought it was scaB and picked those affected leaves off, but now i notice one tree is full of brown leaves-its not scab anymore. We have had enough water over the days so i know its not drought. Rabbits did attack the bark during the winter but we stopped it and protected them and thought they were growing fine, we even had blossoms on all of them until a few weeks ago. is there a cure? I wanted to go organic but will try anything just to save them.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Rabbits damage to bark could be the cause, the trees being fine until the full load of expanded leaves develops and then the leaves get dry with shaortage of water. If the worst affected tree is also the one most damaged by rabbits, that is a strong indication.

When rabbits camage a tree, the eaten areas should be wrapped with strips of polythene to retain moisture. It is probably too late now but may be worth doing. Then just wait and see.