brown leaves on pear and apple trees

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Jacintha Cowley asked 10 years ago

We bought 2 pears Conference and Williams Bon Chretien …both are dwarf, also apple (Discovery) and a James grieve. we got these about 2 months ago and we were advised in garden centre not to remove them from the pots as they were newly potted. when we took them home we tied the pots to posts and wattered them and kept an eye on them. In the last couple of weeks i notice some leaves brown. I took them off but today i notice one of the trees is almost all brown on the william bon. can u tell me what could of happened… barks seem all intact. could it be the wind? as they are a bit exposed. They all have varying degrees of brown leaves

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
The trees are suffering wind damage and drought. Plant immediately to the same depth as the pot, water well and water every week 20 litres per tree until new growth is active or they are well settled.

Fruit trees are not happy in an exposed place.