Brussels sprouts

Ray Dunford asked 12 years ago

I was thinking of growing brussels sprouts again this year despite the disaster with pests I had 2 years ago. In short, every bug known to man attacked my crop which put me right off planting them again.My plan this year is to start the brussel sprouts off in the glasshouse (as before) and when I plant them out, l was going to cover the plants with that light white fleece to keep the pests off. My questions are simple in that (i) will the fleece protect my crop from the usual pests & (ii) will the fleece do any damage or stunt the growth of the crop?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
While it can be done, there is no need to raise Brussels sprouts in a greenhouse. The seeds can be sown outdoors in March. They can be covered as you wish with fleece and it will do no harm to the plants. it will prevent pests if the cover has no gaps.