Buxus hedging turned brown

Tony Fitzgibbon asked 12 years ago

i planted some Buxus hedging on each side of my drive way last year. in August/September some of one side turned brown/coppper. i gave it some feed and pulled back some of the bark mulch that i put around them in case they werent getting enough water. they are still alive so i was wondering if there is some feed i should be putting on them now to help them along. i read that some buxus can be affected by a blight or lack of Potassium. the lawn beside it can be wet at times also, so i know that this doesnt help it.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
If only part of a hedge is affected, it is very likely that the probelm has to do with soil conditions in the area in which the damage is apparent, probably too wet, which is some that box cannot cope with. Bark mulch would make it worse and feeding is not a solution.

Dig a couple of holes and see if water fills into them … this is a sure sign of the problem. Then you will have to drain the affected area or play on a raised mound.