calla lilies — no flower

BernieH asked 12 years ago

have 3 calla lilies about 5 years. this year only one produced lilies, My neighbours is covered in lilies all year..should I cut off the old lilies or leave them?Same with “red hot poker ” should i cut away dead flower?I put chicken pellets mixed with compost on them last spring.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
By calla lilies, you probably mean arum lily, the calla being related but really an indoor plant.

Arum lilies can be affected by shade and dry soil. Rich feeding with chicken manure would make leaves and not so much flowers, but you might have a good show next year.

Taking off the spent lily flowers from the plant that flowered will help to increase flowering as they often form seeds which tend to reduce vigour somewhat, but it is marginal.