Camellia not flowering

Sheelagh Lennon asked 6 years ago

This is a most beautiful Camellia that has been planted in my garden for over three years. It is in a sunny south west facing spot. It has grown nicely since being planted and its foliage is glossy and healthy. The only problem is…is has never flowered. The label (long since gone) showed a red flower but I cannot recollect its name. Its foliage alone warrants it its spot in the garden but I really want to see it flower. Should I move it or is there something I can feed it that might encourage flowering?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Young camellias of some varieties can be slow to flower, but grow well. Others flower as young plants, such as Williamsii types.

It may be suffering competition from neighbouring plants. Reduce competition if this is so.

Mulch with rotted leaves and feed with a feed for ericaceous plants in spring each each year for 3 years. Or an ericaeous liquid feed each from April to September.