Can victoria plum be put where similiar tree was?

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Mary Ryan asked 13 years ago

About three years ago our heavily fruited victoria plum tree split in two with the weight of the fruit and subsequently died. Maybe we should have tied it to support it? As it died some sort of fungus hit it. We would love to plant a similiar tree in the same spot as it was south facing and suitable. Can this be done?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
It is not ideal to re-plant a plum in the same spot as an earlier tree because of a re-plant disease possibility. This can cause the young tree to grow very poorly.

However, if you dig in a couple of wheelbarrows of well rotted manure or compost and plant on a slight mound, making sure to water in a dry spell, the new tree should overcome the problem. If growth is poor, feed with fruit fertilizer in spring each year, until growth picks up.