Cattle damaged my lawn

Pamela Duggan asked 14 years ago

I set a lawn earlier this year and as it was coming up some large cattle broke in and did some damage. I filled the holeswith topsoil and reseeded but areas are indented. Yesterday same bunch broke in again and ran amok on my front lawn. How should I go about mending such damage? (other than wringing farmers neck!!) when should I do it, it’s very wet now?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
You can bring a claim for this damage, get some legal advice. Good fences make good neighbours!

To repair, it is easiest to do when the ground is wet. Hit each pock mark with a shovel, a couple of times. This will almost fill in most. Then a small amount of topsoil to fill and allow the grass to grow back or a shake of grass seed. The surface damage will disappear reasonably quickly.