Chemical burn

Carmel Feeney asked 5 years ago

I was pruning yesterday and a stem from one of my plants hit against another one. The sap inside blew out and into my eye resulting in a chemicial burn in my cornea, I have been in the er dept of Beaumont most of the night and in the mater eye clinic today. They have identified the plant as Euphorbia. The pain is unbearable and I think I may have damaged my sight. I have never heard of this dangerous plant before and wonder how I can get rid of it safely, The hospital said it was the first case they had ever seen. Can you give me some advice please…

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
My sympathy for your injury. 

Euphorbia is a common plant in gardens and there are wild forms called spurge. Christmas poinsettia is related.

It has a sticky white sap that can cause skin irritation. 

Smaller kinds can be dug out or cut down and re-growth sprayed with Roundup to kill it.