Cherry Blossom

Maurice Mc Gee asked 12 years ago

We moved to a house last autumn with a cherry blossom not more than 10 years old. I noticed all the leaves had holes and foliage was generally poor. It was just in full bloom recently and looked healthy but as the flowers have dropped off the leaves too have wilted, are developing brown spots and falling off. What could this be and can you recommend any treatment>

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
This is blossom wilt disease, a fungal disease that severely affects some kinds of cherry tree, and others not at all.

There is no treatment as the trees are too big and it would be a continuous chore. The trees are worst affected after a wet summer and sometimes perk up following a dry sunny year. Sheltered trees are more affected. Try a feed of potash, at 30g per square metre of the area to the spread of the branches … it hleps to harden the foliage.

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