Cherry tree losing fruit buds

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Suzanne Smith asked 15 years ago

I have a mature cherry tree inherited with the house 4 years ago. It has only produced 1 cherry in 3 summers. Blossom & leaves are fine and we get pea sized fruit on stems then suddenly they are all gone before they have a chance to ripen. 2 years ago some branches developed a sticky substance oozing from them and the blossoms looked burned. I cut off these branches and dumped them and it hasn’t recurred. Are these related problems? Do I need a special feed? Tree seems healthy otherwise so I’m reluctant to chop it down and start over. Help!

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
When cherries form and do not ripen, there are tow possibilities. They are either not properly pollinated and have no seed in the stones and the tree drops the fruit, or they have seeds and the fruit is eaten when still unripe by pigeons.

Most cherry trees sold are self-fertile but it is possible that it is not, and has no pollnator. Usually there is enough wild pollen about from other cherries to effect pollination. You can open some stones to find out whether the seeds are forming or not. Plant a ‘Stella’ cherry if you have space. 

 Branches oozing gum can be simple cracking of the bark, sun scald or disease, such as bacterial canker. Leave the tree for a while and see what happens. Birds are the biggest problem.