Climber to fill gaps in branches

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Patricia Doran asked 11 years ago

Hi Gerry. I have a well established holly tree (30+ years) but it has widely spaced branches with only light cover of leaves. It appears to be perfectly healthy. I’m wondering if I could grow a climber through it? I don’t want to choke it but I do want to fill the gaps a bit because it’s the one spot where I can be overlooked from the top of the double decker buses going by. I would prefer something which is at its best in mid summer. What would you suggest?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
To thicken this tree up, it would be best to feed it and encourage more growth.

Any kind of climber will tend to suppress it, the more vigorous the cover, the more suppression.

But you could try clematis, such as Clematis x jackmanii to provide foliage and purple colour. A clematis would need watering to get established in the dry root zone of the tree.