Climbers in wall planters

Kieran Horgan asked 7 years ago
I recently replaced a long (20m) wooden panel fence with a concrete block wall. .About 6m of the wall is bounding on a new patio and there is a buried oil line just under the patio surface, so cannot dig beds. Wall is north facing, getting sun late PM onwards.I would like to grow evergreen climbers in wall planters, mounted about 300mm above the patio level — I have in mind Clematis Pixie and Trachpermum Jasminoides ( Star Jasmine ?)I was thinking of 900mm long, 450mm tall and 450mm deep from back to front — i.e. about 0.2 cubic metre Is this possible?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Essentially, you are proposing to make a big pot…which will be fine for a few years and then, when you get tired of watering and feeding, the plants will struggle.

You can either take out one or two small slabs and remove hardcore base and re-fill with soil and plant the climber in the hole. Carefully done, there is no danger to the oil line.

Or plant a creeper in the nearest soil and train it back onto the 6metres of wall. A strong grower, like jasmine vine, Virginia creeper, ivy or spring clematis will easily do this.