Climbing roses in a hedgerow

Ian Fox asked 11 years ago

I have an existing hedgerow a 100metres long comprising of beech, haw thorn, holly and a couple of copper beeches. There is also some kind of wild rose in it already that we just got cuttings put them in and hoped for the best.I was hoping to add some colour by adding a climbing rose to this hedge so that it would grow through it.We are in a very windy site with acid soil but the hedge is in a sunny postion.Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
It is difficult to get a new plant going in the severe competition of an established hedgerow. It will need regular watering each week or so until growth is active.

You could try ‘Sanders White’, a tidy rambling rose that will not take over. Others you could try, such as ‘Rambling Rector’ and ‘Seagull’ might be too vigorous.