Colourful wall creeper

Niall Bambrick asked 6 years ago
I have a large concrete back yard with swings etc, surrounded by mass concrete walls, 1m up to 2m in height with a beech/whitethrorn hedge on top bordering field. Can’t plant in concrete unless pots?? Looking for a creeper that will grow down and not effect hedge on top, would ivy strangle it as it will need to be planted at base of hedge, need colour to break up grey look, kid friendly. Advice needed

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Climbers mostly want grow up but some wall shrubs grow sideways as well. Cotoneaster horizontalis and/or winter jasmine would be good wall shrubs to use.

Cutting some holes in the concrete is best as pots tend to restrict wall shrubs or climbers. Or simply plant a few shrubs in tubs to break the line of the wall.