Confused about hedging

Ultan Mc Donagh asked 6 years ago
I need to plant about 30 foot of hedge. I quite like laurel, and went to the local garden centre to check it out. I reckon a potted plant is better, and they had two options. Both appeared to be the same variety (Cherry), both were the same size and both looked identical. The difference was colour. One was deep green, at around €15 and the other was a bright green at €6. I asked the difference and the lady said the deeper green one was a new variety in the past few years, and was more “compact” Now its colour was very nice in fairness, but the delta in cost has me thinking. Can I achieve a deep lush colour from any laurel? Is it a feeding thing..?? Also, since I didn’t exactly get a scientific answer on the difference, what is that difference likely to be..??

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
There are various forms of laurel, leaf size and leaf shape. But the normal type grown widely is the plain common cherry laurel.

If the ground is not prone to flooding laurel grows easily.

You can green it up by feeding with lawn fertiliser, though usually this is not needed.