Conifers dying

clody ennis asked 12 years ago
My garden is in Kilmuckridge on an evelated, exposed site about a mile from the beach. The garden is about half an acre.There are several levels to the garden.I planted conifers around the perimeter about 10 years ago. They havea nice conical shape Unfortunately, they are dyingone by one. I understand that salt and wind maybe the problem. The soil is marl and sandly. I havesprayed with feed constanly throughout the growingseason but alas they are still dying.Can you suggest a replacement conifer hardy enough to take the wind salt and poor soil? Many thanks 200420091

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Most conifers are not too happy on heavy ground as it predisposes them to root rots and this is likely to be what is happening. It could be linked to soil flooding due to drainage deterioratiing too, or both.

For exposure, there is nothing to beat pines and Pinus radiata, the Moneterey pine, which is salt and wind resistant, should be ideal, although it grows very large in time. It will tolerate heavy ground but improve drainage if possible.