babs hyland asked 13 years ago

i had 3 conifers in my front garden for the last 5 years and they grew to about 7ft but then they gradually turned brown until they died. i have another 6 but they too are turning brown. can these be saved ? did a fungus killed them ? can i replant new conifers in the same place ? i really dont know what to put in it’s place

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
It is diffiuclt ot know exactly what is going on with these conifers and without knowing which kind they are.

There are several kinds of fungi that can kill conifers, different ones doing damage to different conifer species. The most common kinds are root roots, notably phytophthora in damp soil and honey fungus in dry soil. Honey fungus produces white fungal strands and black bootlaces under the bark at soil level. Trees can survive for years with the fungus present and suddenly go downhill for no apparent reason.

Soil that waterlogs in winter  can also kill conifers by the roots drowning for lack of air. 

There is not great deal can be done. There are no products for treating these fungi. Remove them as they go down. If the ground is wet, do not replant conifers, unless you try the swap cypress or taxodium. Or use deciduous trees or shrubs such as alder or dogwood.