Cordyline ‘Red Star’

Roisin Cahill asked 13 years ago

I planted cordyline ‘Red Star’ which had been growing well in a container for a couple of years, into open ground, this summer. I notice now that it has sprouted from ground level, and I am wondering if this will affect the main crown? It looks okay at the moment, maybe slightly discoloured in the lower leaves. Should I feed it or leave it alone?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
It is not unusual for a cordyline, or indeed other trees, to sprout at ground level if it is planted out into the soil after being too long in a pot.

This just means that the plant has decided that it has a better chance of good growth by making a vigorous new sprout. It is often the case that the new sprout outpaces the old shoot, which is probably a bit stunted by the limiations of the root space in a pot.

If the new shoot shows signs of outstripping the old one, you might want to consider cutting away the old shoot and allowing the new one to grow.

These are not grafted plants so the new shoot is not a sucker.