corner house,big back garden,no front

Lisa Grendon asked 11 years ago

need help….side back wall on a busy road,lots of noise and kids hanging around,want to fight this with nature,not fencing…need privacy fast!House detached,wall about 18ft from any buildings and about 22ft long…..sun rises this side in moring and gets sun till about 12,then at about 5ish for an hour in the summer…..on this same side,to the front/side of house,open area,living room wall, which is on to a public footpath have an area of about 20ft in lenght by 7ft wide

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Plants cannot provide instant privacy, unless you can find some mature hedging, and even then, the barrier will not be as good as a fence or better still a wall.