Joan Lewis asked 12 years ago

I have been growing Courgettes for a number of years now and have some success, but some failures. Some of the courgette form and start to grow, but then begin to rot from the flower end when they are quite small. Out of about 10 courgettes this year, so far I have had three that grew well. I am growing them in pots, outdoor, and water them every night. I grow them from seed and vary the variety from year to year, but the same thing happens. Can you help, please?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Courgettes can rot when small due to dull wet weather, which we have had in recent weeks, though there has been an improvement.

The plants are better in the open soil than pots which tend to restrict the roots and the growth of the plants.

Also by careful not to over-water in dull weather as this can lead to rotting and better done in the morning that leave them wet all night.