Cover sewer treatment system?

Sarah Cullinan asked 14 years ago

We have a large septic tank (with associated scent) covered by a concrete slab about 3 foot by 5 foot in the garden. I want to plant around it using scented plants/herbs/shrubs trees. Do you have any suggestions.? I am hoping to stick to the colours brown/orange/yellow in my 1/2 acre new garden

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
To plant around a septic tank, or other obstacle, will draw more attention to it, unless it can be incorporated into a wider sweep of planting. There is no problem planting near a septic tank but trees and large shrubs should not be planted over the associated percolation area as the roots can cause blockages.

Plants will not effectively combat the smell of a septic tank, but this problem usually settles down in time. The problem is a technical one to do with the function of the tank and how it is vented and where it is located.

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