John Gilsenan asked 12 years ago
I am looking for a creeper to grow relatively quickly up the front gable wall of my house. Ivy while self supportive is fine but a bit too bland and maybe a little vigorous. Prefer something with a bit of colour.Maybe a mixture, honeysuckle? Virginia creeper?What time of year is best to plant? Should I cut through the footpath to plant or build bed on top of path? What supports?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
While there are lots of climbing plants,they need support to climb a house wall and there are not very many wall creepers that grip by themselves.

Ivy is good and reliable and there are many kinds to choose from. Virginia creeper and Boston ivy are related and similar and capable of covering a large wall. The related Henry’s vine is a good choice for a mild area with lovey foliage and less vigour. Climbing hydrangea can be tricky as it does not hold on as well as the others but it is a possibility and less vigorous.

Honeysuckle needs wires or battens to support and it tends to suffer from greenflies.

In all cases, cut a hole in the path for planting.