cucumber how to grow

Daniel Ryan asked 10 years ago

When growing cucumbers about the male and female flower do i need to pllinate them and also do i cut off the male after pollenation or just leave it? and what way is best to grow them as i have 2 plants and they are about to get flowers and they are very healthy only thing is they are in a small pot together in manure and i dont know what to do next many many thanks Daniel

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Cucumbers are practically all female plants and can produce fruit without pollination. In fact, pollination can make the cucumbers taste bitter.

The tow plants should have been separated when just a few cenitmetres tall, but should be kept in the same pot or in the open ground toghether now.

They are far better in the open soil of the greenhouse, with plenty of watering and feeding each two weeks.