Cut neighbours trees back ?

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paul manning asked 13 years ago

My neighbour has some trees that are growing into my garden. I want to cut back these overlapping braches without damaging the tree. When is the best time to cut back these overlapping branches ? and is there any particular way i should be cutting them ? Thanks

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
If tree branches cross a boundary line, they can be cut off at the line. The cut branches remaion the property of the owner neighbour.

Cutting branches part way along is not ideal for the tree as the cut snags can lead to disease. These are better cut where they arise on the trunk or major limbs.

It would be best to get the neighbours agreement to cut branches in the correct place and remove.

Decidouous trees, except cherries, are best cut in winter and evergreens in spring. Cherries are best pruned in summer.