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Eilis O\’Mara asked 10 years ago

I bought 2 big bags of daffodil bulbs last Autumn and planted them along the perimeter of my garden. I notice now that although most of the bulbs did produce foliage only a fraction of them have flowers. Apart from buying them cheaply what have I done wrong, and is there anything I can do now eg. feed/add fertiliser to hope they will flower next year.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Cheap bulbs are usually small grade and not large enough to flower in the first year. Big bulbs already have the flower bud in them when you plant.

New bulbs can struggle in sever competition with rough grass and the roots of tees. They need reasonable light and flower poorly if there is too much shade. 

Give a shake of general fertiliser now at 50g per square metre, and allow the tops to wither back naturally.

They are likely to settle in and grow to flowering size this year or next.