Damping off and wilting of tomato plants

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Kennedy asked 12 years ago

My Mam lives in Kinsale where they have a lot of problems with whitefly. Her tomato plants (Moneymaker and Totem F1) were about 10cm high last weekend. Now, three of them have wilted off and the rest have whitefly. She has sprayed them with Bio Sprayday. Are the two problems related? Does the Sprayday go out of date (hers is last year’s)? The plants are growing at the patio door of her apartment, facing southwest.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Plants do not wilt due to whitefly, so the wilting is either due to lack of water or to over-watering that has caused root rot.

Whitefly are tiny flies that fly our when an affected plant is touched. The white skins of greenflies often rest on plants when they are shed and the impreesion is given that these are whiteflies.

Bio Sprayday should deal with the pests, but always be careful to mix the spray according to instructions and apply it when there is no direct sunshine, in the evening for instance, and ideally outdoors, returning the plants under cover afterwards.