Daphne bholua suckers

Collins Eileen asked 9 years ago

I have a lovely large shrub of Daphne bholua “Jacqueline Postill” which has sent up suckers all around for the first time this year. I would like to pot up some and would like to know when I should do this? Also should I remove the rest? The mother plant is ringed with them, all along the root lines. During the recent hard winters a couple of branches died and I cut these out. I hope this does not herald the end of my daphne.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
The beautifully scented winter shrub Daphne bholua can be grown from suckers if they are produced or from seeds and sometimes self-sows close to the parent.

Carefully lift well-rooted suckers in winter and pot up or plant in good soil.

Daphne is not the longest lived of shrubs but a bit of dieback does not mean its demise is imminent.