Datura Flower Rotting

Rachel Darlington asked 13 years ago

I have a weird problem with my Datura and I wonder if anyone has come across it before?My Datura is flowering. It is of the double flowered type. That is to say, the flower is supposed to be double-decked with an inner bell shape and an outer one. The first flower opened and when I looked up inside it I could see the ruffles of the inner bell. However, the inner bell never came down so you could only see it by looking up the ‘skirts’ of the flower. The flower turned brown from the inside out and was ugly within a few days of opening.It’s almost like the inner flower is stuck and rotting as it can’t come down. I tried giving it a little tug but it didn’t want to come down and the whole flower came off.There are lots more flowers coming on the plant and I was really hoping not to suffer from the same problem (see photo on my journal of today).

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Double-flowered forms of any plant are more pressured that single-flowered forms, because they have to make extra tissue which demands extra resources and extra energy from the sun.

Due to weather, oscillating between sunshine and downpours this plant is struggling … flower formation is not as it would be in a warmer summer, warmer climate or greenhouse.

Double-flowered forms are more likely to rot in poor weather too.