Deciduous trees withering early

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Micheal Rogers asked 11 years ago

My question is a very general one and I would imagine a lot of perople have noticed this and that is that the leaves of many deciduous trees are almost gone and we’re still in July. Sycamores and horsechestnuts for example are all looking the worst for wear. Some have observed that the west side of many trees are faring the worst. Do you have any ideas/suggestions as to why we are seeing this?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
This is purely weather-related.

In May there was a severe gale especially in the west … an gaoth rua, the old people called it … the red wind. It can from the west/ southwest. Leaves damaged then have been shed in some cases.

Also it was very dry in April and a soil moisture deficict at depth has not been replenished … same reason the reservoirs are low. And trees react by reducing their leaf load.