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Mary Gaffney asked 11 years ago

Am new to gardening and would love your advice. Moved into a new house summer 2008. Front ‘lawn’ is about 30 x 30 so not particularly big. Have kept it grass, and want to stay grass for the forseeable. However, the soil is only about 3ft deep. Then it’s concrete/builders rubble. Planted some shrubs last year and they were all dead within two weeks. How best to prepare the ‘lawn’ for decent grass for this year? I have been sprinkling with moss peat for now and am about to put extra grass seed on top.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Three feet is plenty soil for lawn and for shrubs and trees.

In the lawn, ruffle the soil in any bare spots with a fork or a rake and scatter some seed. Feed the lawn with spring lawn food.