Disease on Holly

don lyttleton asked 11 years ago

I hope you can help me. I have recently planted 120m Holly hedge (IIex aquifolium).The plants came in half litre pots from Coillte Nurseries, Ardattin, Co Carlow and are approx 30-45cm tall.I’ve noticed a substance like a spiders web along the edges of the leaves on my strawberry leaves. I did get some strawberries but only a couple, and that was a while ago. No more have appeared. I’m growing the plants in my conseratory along with tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. Is this something that could be spread to them?77I live in Screen, Curracloe, Co Wexfordc,I have sandy soil and on an exposed site. As you are aware there has been little or no rainfall in the last month. I have used chicken manure and the normal farmyard manure as fertilisermaking sure fertiliser is not touching the ball root.I have watered the hedge every second or third day depending on the rainfall.I have now noticed what looks like a black spot with a white spot in the middle on the leaves. There is alsoa browning or blackening along the edge.In some cases holes are appearing on theleaves. This is also appearing on any new growth. The leaves are also drying out.I have spoken to Coillte and the advisor tells me he has never heard about such a problem with holly.He says it will not kill the holly but it might slow the growth. He advised me to try a fungicidebut could not tell me which one. Trial and error !! Does watering contribute to this problem?I would greatly appreciate any advise and information on how to eradicate this problem and how best to look aftermy holly hedge.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
The damage on the leaves is due to exposure. While holly is very resistant to exposure, young plants can suffer wehn they come from a nursery where they are protected and are planted in an exposed place.

These normally recover with perhaps some losses.

Water less often but heavily. No more feeding, manure will make the trees soft, and keep the weeds away.