disease on tomato plants

Marie McConn asked 12 years ago

I have 4 tomato plants growing indoor, Shirley, Moneymaker x 2, and Shipsaint. One growing outdoor Tomatoberry. The plants seem weaker than other years and the leaves are all getting a heavy brown spotting. All are forming fruits but I think there should be more. They were planted in the first week of May. Is there something I can do to sort this out this year, or otherwise for next year

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
Brown spotting is usually due to uneven growing conditions, hot one day, cool and dull the next, especially if they are growing in pots. The foliage scorches.

 There is also a possibility of root rots in the soil which interfere with water and nutrient uptake. Affected roots appear brown not white and healthy. If there is root rot in the ground, you will have to replace the soil or grow tomatoes in pots or growbags.