Dog urine

Colm Humphries asked 6 years ago

I note that in some US sites they talk about varieties of grass species that is quite resistant to talk urine. In a small garden, such as mine where the dog is trained not to go near borders, tubs or boxes, it is hard to also designate an area for urine that is also discrete or contained. My only hope is to contain the problem by throwing water on it which has not really helped or by feeding her a substance that dilutes the nitrogen and i wont do that. Are there particular varieties of grass or lawn turf that you would recommend or is the best advice to do what I am doing and contain it as best I can.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Flooding the area with a bucket of water is the usual, but often the damage is done.

Fescue and perennial ryegrass have shown more resistance but can be damaged too. These species are contained in most lawn grass mixes.

Try re-seeding after rai with seed sown onto a 2cm layer of moss peat or compost. At least the number of patches will be fewer.