dont know where to start

Jane Richardson asked 12 years ago

Our house is west facing.We are on aprox 1 acre of land totally exposed. our knowledge of gardening is non existant . The back garden(field)gets waterlogged from the elevated field behind which has cows in it for most of the year. We would like to section off a piece of the garden at the back for privacy and reduce wind exposure.what type of screening would you suggest(that wont affect the cows and is low maintenance?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
An exposed site nneeds some shelter planting which can be a mixture of trees in some parts and hedges in others. Trees do not like wet ground, except for alder and willow and it would be a first step to put in a drain toe take away the water form adjoining ground.

If you get the ground drained, you can grow any trees and shrubs you want to provide shelter and decoration. Our plant finder has lots of suggestions.