drills, ridges or rows

Laura Sweeney asked 12 years ago

which is the best layout when sowing potatoes – ridges or drills and why?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
When planting potatoes, you can use ridges or plant on the flat. Using ridges has an advantage that there is no need to earth up afterwards. They work better on heavy land as they tend to be drier, but perhaps too dry on light soil. Ridges or drills are easy to make with a tractor and ridging plough but a lot of work by hand, though not impossible,

Planting on the flat means planting each tuber with a trowel in a row, which is much easier, and perhaps earthing up a little later before the plants get more than 25cm tall. Earthing up is done to prevent greening of the tubers, which renders them useless.