Drought caused by 40ft Leylandii

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Jean Hannon asked 7 years ago

House purchase – Line of mature leylandii are on boundary. Causing darkness, debris on driveway and major drought on one side of house. Like them as they shelter house however dreading high winds or storm. Looking for suggestions on what to plant underneath as the soil is powder dry. Roots are huge and are affecting location of plants. Have planted lavender and salvia hot lips as well as some grasses but looking for more suggestions.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
The best plan overall would be to remove the Leyland cypresses as they will get bigger and just cost more money to remove eventually, and the garden can be reclaimed, smaller trees planted for shelter.

Some plants, such as Robb’s euphorbia and Geranium macrorhizum can cope with the dry shade but it is always a struggle to get plants established.