Drought-resistant planting for Jardiniere

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Miriam Ahern asked 15 years ago

Dear GerryWe have a new property in South-West France (Biarritz) which has two large concrete Jardinieres on the balcony. they have already been lined and filled with compost by the development’s landscapers. We expect to spend a week or so every couple of months there. Would you please have any suggestions how we could plant up and maintain these containers in a way that they will survive from visit to visit?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
The first thing to decide is the watering system. Is there any weekly service available to water, such as a house-keeper? Or can an automatic watering system be set up? There are lots of such systems and they are quite cheap. With no watering at all, you will be lifted to cacti and succulents, such as yucca, sedum, carpobrotus, aloes, mesembryanthemum and the like.

With regular, reliable watering, you can grow a wide range of plants to your choice, limited only by the size of the containers .. it might be possible to grow olive trees, citrus etc. or smaller plants, such as lantana, oleander, jasmine or pelargoniums or a choice of these and others.